Dog Bite Accident

If a dog has accidentally bitten you, you have the legal right to seek compensation for the damages and loss. Damages can include medical bills, emotional damage, pain and suffering, etc.


In any dog bite accident lawsuit, there are generally two types of laws a victim must abide by. First, the laws specific to a victim’s city, county, and state decide who can be liable for dog bite injuries, and second these laws impose strict rules on the evidence and procedure that indicates liability.

Many rules and states have differing statutes of limitations that only an expert attorney can deal with. It is very important to choose a lawyer who knows in and out of truck law.


The dog bite laws differ from state to state and allow victim to seek compensation in such an accident lawsuit from the dog owner who violates restraint or confinement laws, a person who knowingly harbors a dangerous canine, and any other party whose negligence caused the dog bite accident.


Some states, like California, require truckers to drive more slowly than other traffic. However, how can you determine if the trucker was speeding or fatigued? An experienced attorney will know who to question, how evidence needs to be immediately preserved and gathered, and have access to experts who can piece together what happened and why.


To claim for compensation or just to file lawsuit you need certain steps immediately following the incident. First, a dog bite victim will want to establish exactly what dog bit them and who is responsible for the dog. By law, a dog has to be licensed with the city or county and should have some from of identification on him. This can help you find out pertinent owner information and the status of an animal’s rabies vaccinations. In cases where more than one dog is involved, DNA analysis of the canine saliva can be performed.


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