Product Injury

Product Injury Law


If by chance the new product you bought from super market caused you injury, you have the right to claim for compensation. However, before you claim the following actions must be taken:

  • Seek medical treatment immediately
  • Write down, in detail, the sequence of events leading up to your injury, including any specific conversations and/or comments made regarding medical treatment you received or the product that you were using at the time of your injury
  • Retain copies of any and all paperwork you received associated with the product
  • Obtain the names of any witnesses; people who saw the product injure you or who spoke with you immediately after your injury
  • Save any articles of clothing which are damaged or torn (e.g. broken glasses., ripped or bloodstained clothes)
  • If possible, keep the product that caused your injury without altering it in any way
  • If possible, take good pictures of the product in its location at the site of the accident


There are a lot more to product injury and to ensure that you win your claim, send us your detail. An expert from our panel of attorney will soon get in touch with you to offer you complete legal advice and assistance on legal issues involving product injury.


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