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What is child support?

Child Support is the obligation paid to the custodial parent of child by the non custodial parent for rearing child. It is in the best interest of a child for both parents to be obligated to pay for the support of their child. An order for child support transfers the income/wealth from one parent to the other so that the combined incomes/wealth of both parents is available to use for the support of the child.


Child Support order includes when and how much a parent has to pay for child support. A Child Support Order is generally part of a divorce decree or paternity judgment. Most states now follow federal guideline or formula devised for estimating child support amount. This ensures uniformity in child support payment from court to court.


The formula is based on the respective net income of the parents. Federal and state income taxes, Social Security and Medicare tax, health insurance, union dues and other mandatory expenses are subtracted from a parent’s gross income (that is, income from all sources including, but not limited to, wages and investments) to arrive at his/her net income.


When you need to pay support?

In most jurisdictions there is no need for the parents to be married, and only paternity and/or maternity (filiation) need to be demonstrated for a child support obligation to be found by a competent court. Child support may also operate through the principle of estoppel (1.) where a de facto parent (2.) that is in loco parentis for a sufficient time to establish a permanent parental relationship with the child or children.


Child support is based on the policy that parents are obliged to pay for the support of their children, even when the children are not living with both biological parents.

Though courts typically permit Visitation Rights to Non-Custodial Parents, in such separations one parent is given custody and the role of primary caregiver. In such cases, the other parent still remains obligated to pay a proportion of the costs involved in raising the child. These costs are often still considered an obligation, even when the other parent has been legally limited or prevented from participating in or making decisions involving the upbringing of the child or children. It is also important to note the custodial parent still must pay a percentage of the costs incurred raising a child, even if a non-custodial parent has been ordered to make child support payments. In Massachusetts, for example,it’s the responsibility of the custodial parent alone to pay the first $100 in all uninsured medical costs for each child, per year. Only then will the courts consider authorizing child-support money from a non-custodial parent to be used for said costs.


  • Estoppel is a legal doctrine proposing that any person who asks the courts to enforce a legal remedy should have a clear conscience.
  • A de facto standard, for instance, is a technical or other standard that is so dominant that everybody seems to follow it like an authorized standard.
  • The term in loco parentis, Latin for “in the place of a parent”, refers to the legal responsibility of a person or organization to take on some of the functions and responsibilities of a parent. For example, state law gives school teachers some areas of responsibility in which they act in loco parentis.


Child Support Rights

Child Support Rights confers about the rights of custodial parent to get financial and emotional support from the non custodial parent in order to provide the best upbringing to the child(ren) of divorced or separated parents.


Father’s Child Support Right


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Mother’s Child Support Right


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