Drunk Driving

What if you or one of your friends or family members has caught drunk driving?


Remember, driving and drinking is not a crime at least not for adults. To be charged with a DUI or DWI due to the influence of alcohol, your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) has to be .08 or .20, depending on which state you are in. In order to protect your rights and save your license from suspension/revocation, the first thing you should sincerely do is to contact an expert drunk driving lawyer. There are fair chances that your DUI or DWI charges may get dismissed soon.

Our expert DUI or DWI lawyers will help you to get out of drunk driving legal issues like DUI and DWI charges arrest and arraignment in less than a dollar per day. Drunk driving laws differ from state to state and are getting stiffer day by day. Some of the consequences of drunk driving are:


  • Fines/penalty
  • Your insurance premiums could triple
  • Automatic License Suspension
  • Jail Time
  • Permanent Criminal Record
  • Loss of Employment Opportunity
  • Impairment, etc.


Failure to exercise your rights after being caught drunk driving is the biggest mistake you can make. The law enforcement authorities may try to prove you are guilty. Do not provide them the opportunity to do so. By filling this simple online form get connected with the top drunk driving attorney of your state and get complete service, from expert counseling to court room assistance, in less than a dollar per day. Outcome of your case is the hallmark of our success.


Why Experienced Drunk Driving Lawyer for your case?

Mere mastering the vast body of drunk driving laws that covers this field is not a guarantee to successfully discharge a drunk driving case. Sound experience of trying criminal jury trials in DUI and DWI in particular is must to successfully help someone charged with drunk driving. A good DUI defense attorney knows how to neutralize the arresting officer’s testimony as well as attack the testimony of the state’s experts in connection with blood, breath or urine testing. With great experience in handling drunk driving cases, an experienced attorney can assure you of your success.


What Is Drunk Driving?

Drunk Driving or Drinking and Driving is the act of operating a motor vehicle after having consumed alcohol (ethanol) or other drugs, to the degree that mental and motor skills are impaired. It is illegal in most jurisdictions within the U.S.


The specific Criminal Offence is usually called driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence [of alcohol or other drugs] (DUI). Such laws may also apply to boating or piloting aircraft.


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