Employee Discrimination

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Do you think your colleague is getting more privilege than you are, while your designations are same? Do you think you are being discriminated at work place because of your race, gender or nationality?


The federal and state laws are strict and clear on the issues related to employee discrimination. Do fight your cases with the help of expert attorney. Don’t let your employer harass and discriminate you because of your age, race, color, gender or nationality.


As an employee, your rights are completely protected by the court of law. Some of the key issues that come under employee rights are:

  • Leave of Absence and Vacation
  • Injuries and Illness Rights
  • Non-compete Agreement
  • Employee’s Right on Employer Policies
  • Discipline Rights
  • Rights on Personnel Files
  • Employee Pension Right
  • Employee Benefit Right
  • References Rights
  • Rights on Criminal Records
  • Defamation Rights
  • Employee’s Right on Fraud
  • Rights on Assault and Battery
  • False Imprisonment Right
  • Employee Negligence Right
  • Right on Political Activity
  • Government Agencies
  • Union/Group Activity Rights
  • Whistle Blowing Rights
  • Worker’s Compensation Right
  • Employee Distress Rights


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